About us:

Lights Ray Technologies was incorporated in the year 2003, with the aim of providing Software Solutions, weighing solutions, industrial instrumentation and Point of Sale Systems from reliable manufacturers across the globe at a reasonable cost.

Lights Ray has a qualified personal to design and maintain customized software systems solutions for widespread customer base including,

General Retail          

•           Super Markets

•           Whole Sale Suppliers and Distributors

•           Pharmaceuticals

•           Contracting companies

•           Trading organizations

•           Franchise

•           Computers and Mobile Outlets

•           Electronics and Home Appliances

•           Furniture Suppliers

•           Sporting Good

•           Gift and Novelty Shops

•           Cosmetics and Perfume Shops

•           Discount Centers

Hospitality management

•           Restaurants and cafes

•           Bakery shops

•           Delicatessen

•           Ice Cream and Juice stores

•           Coffee Shops

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